‘A Wait For You To Come’ _ An Honest Letter To My Better Half

My Dear Future Husband,

How you doing? I'm sure you must be doing pretty good. I don't know whom I'm going to marry. They say match is made in heaven and guess what! You and I, we both are on earth. How would we know that we are meant for each other. So it's absolutely fine if you're currently into any relationship or you were. Still I write to you on behalf of my future rights to express myself before you. I hope you would forgive if at times it would be a bit more demanding, personal or impossible to read further.

I am not the most beautiful girl you would ever come across. Soon after knowing me, you would find my tantrums a bit more annoying than all your past relationships. I was also in few relationships lately but didn't succeed. Even some of them broke due to my own mistakes. I want you to know a whole of me before walking into my life. I'm kind of hard to sleep with. I'm a bed hog, sometimes I snore really loud. I like to death grip/cuddle whatever is closest to me and I still sleep with the stuffed bunny I got on my very first birthday. But I promise that our sheets will always be clean and the bedroom always cozy. I would love when you would pull me closer if I move too far away in my sleep. I would love if you accept my death cuddle. Will you?

Trust me, I'm also kind of a mess in the morning. My hair knots up on top of my head, and sometimes I'm really cranky, but if you can still look at me when I'm like that with the same loving eyes that you look at me with when I'm in my finest attire, well hairdo and high heels, then I will never be afraid around you.

I prepare good coffee. So no matter how many servants would be around us, allow me to prepare a mug of hot coffee for you every morning. Well, do you like tea? Ok, I'll do that. If you forget your towel each time you go for a shower, be prepared for my short-term blabber. Have breakfast with me everyday. We would start our morning together. I would eat all veg and you can grab all non-veg if you like. I will remind you not to forget your stuffs when you would start for your work. After you, I would leave for my job.

You don't need to update each and every small things you do when you are away from me. Just one text at times would be enough. I will expect you to remember me once in a day, when you would be away. Because I would do the same.

Just like morning, lets come back home soon and have a tea time together. What say? Or we can go out for an evening walk - hand in hand. 

I wonder what type of person you would be. DO you like parties, clubbing and boozing? I promise I would definitely accompany you but I honestly don't like the taste of alcohol. But I promise I would help you to get rid of a bad hangover the next morning. You have to promise for all your love and I promise to give all of me.

I am not a material girl but I like fancy things. Please never worry about buying me any clothes or makeup. If you would honestly like to buy me anything, I like books, pens, and notebooks. I'd rather a flower or a cool rock you found. If you can take my hands and dance with me even when there is no music, I will eternally be yours. I love dancing and spinning all around the room because dancing with you is where I feel most beautiful. I don't need the 'hottest CHAMBOR lipstick' if you bring the colour of smile on it. I need to sit up late with you watching the Never ending Stories, both smiling and crying, reliving my childhood with you next to me.

You may have been hurt in the past, but my plans aren't to repeat any of your pain. My plans are to love you more than you have ever been loved. My love would know no boundaries, there will be no limits as to what I will do for you, I will only grow to love you more each passing second as long as you always give me room to grow. My love would know no fear. There will never be a doubt in either of our minds on whether or not we are real, or whether or not I am yours alone. I promise to be truthful and faithful, as long as you return the same to me. I want to wake up wrapped in your warm embrace every morning, and fall into your sweet kisses every night. You are more than a 'significant other' to me, you would be my best friend. We absolutely must be silly together forever. I love telling jokes, laughing until it hurts, or laughing until we cry. Will you join me? 

Will you always know how to put a smile back on my face even when I feel like my world is crashing down? I know you would and thank you for that. Am I too demanding from now? My dear Future Husband, that's the way I am. But all the thing I would ever crave for will be your smile, your love and a togetherness for a life. I would pray near God every single day that even death should never separate us. One thing I promise, no matter what happens in life, I would never give up on you. 

I wish I could know you since the day I understood what love is. I would have never get diverted to wrong relationships. Forgive me for all my silly mistakes and forget my ignorance at times. I promise I would try to be worthy to you and if I fail, wait with patience. I wouldn't let you down. 

Let me love your parents as much as I love mine. Let me do all my duties and share responsibilities of yours. Let me be myself in front of you. Let me know you more when we would meet. Let me take time to be a perfect partner to you. Let me learn to cook delicious foods so that when you would be low, I could serve happiness on plate. Let me see the mirror one hundred times and imagine, how would you react when you would see me for the first time. Let me Wait!


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