Hobbies & Interests

I’m not much of an artist, but I find doodling is a great way to highlight my own adventures. Well, though I'm a skilled with pencil.

Reading is one my favourite hobbies. I always carry a Book wherever I go. And when i am done with one Book, I leave the book behind and put another in my bag pack.

Journaling is the another hobby I carry since i was 13. I feel penning down everything  carries the longest lasting impact.  My emotions and thoughts colour my writing, and sometimes I just sit back  and look into the past, I find the flavour just as important as the moment itself.

Preparing an amazing meal is one of my hobbies and in that I'm definitely a perfectionist.  Recipes don’t have to be super complex, though I always win extra points with a complicated meal, rather than a bowl of rice.Well...! I don't always foot the bill for the ingredients — and set out a tip jar, just in case... 😉

Well...! I do love to do a lot more than these. I dance, not a worst singer though and there's nothing that I don't do atlst once in a Lifetime.