The Missing Butterfly

The Missing Butterfly:

The world was contemplating ,
A senile caterpillar kipping an entire season.
Daylights turned into-
Jaded hours of darknesses ,
And jake frost was ending for its own reason.

They anticipated to see it’s forewings ,
With portrayals of snow and summer.
Even so ,
Fanny Adams were coming out ,
Neither a butterfly-
Nor the wriggling grey caterpillar.

The month was summing up ,
Folks started gossiping.
making their own skinners-
about the caterpillar.
Some said he lost his dreams ,
and transmuted in to a moth to the flame ,
Some even whispered-
that he crippled and evanescing.

Then at once, in one fine aurora
When the sun was slumbering,
Folks had no clue about the happening.
The cocoon begun to  quiver a little ,
And a bird wing butterfly was lungeing.

When folks were amused-
in condemning souls ;
With mighty wings and playful longings ,
He glided away from an old fate
Towards the sky-
In pursuit of a soulful mate...


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