A Fairy and The Blue Butterfly

7th July, 2008:
A Beautiful evening of my life -- One boy, One Gulmohar tree and a Blue Butterfly! Inspired by a true happening of my life and the plot was initially developed by a friend, 'Fortune_Cookie' and further modified by 'Travel_story_of_a_girl'. 

The Boy Says:

"On a Friday afternoon, I  have returned from college early. There was a mountain of notebooks to go through. I prepared a strong ginger tea for myself. Sipping a well brewed tea sitting in a couch was one of the best feelings I craved to have again and again. As Semesters were knocking on the door and to release the fear of decreasing grades, I had a cup hot tea.. But this time my mind and body felt very stressful. Even the tastiest of ginger tea was not able to help me. May be, it was because of the storm that I'm passing through and the unending battle within me. I went to take  a hot shower to drench my pain and  troubles, thinking that  leastwise they will smudge. At least I should have saved on my electricity bill, if  I hadn’t taken the hot shower as  it  too didn't help me in getting relieved from the burden. Perhaps, the pressure of making a career to take care of all  family  responsibilities on me, is as stubborn as I.  I dried my hair and sat on the couch, brainstorming about the numerous ways of stress relief. Helplessly, I decided to go for a walk, as the weather showed some relief in  the middle of  monsoon. I wore my shorts, took my bicycle and started towards girl's hostel.

I took a pause after couple of minutes to gather my strength and took a deep breathe and looked at the sky. The sky was full of dark clouds and for a moment I doubted my eyes and senses. I asked myself, Did I miss a night?. That afternoon was so much like a fresh morning. Everything around me added flame to my confusion -Birds chirping was so audible to ears as the songs of  birds was not lost in the  sound of traffic. Being a small city, Udit Nagar is not that crowded during those times. There were very few vehicles on the road. A group of aged men sitting on a bench inside a nearby park and sharing their stories about their grand children. A flock of birds playing around the bushes flying from one tree to another. Children playing on the slide and see-saw in the park. It was a beautiful view to relax my mind. "Is it so serene because of  a Friday evening or am I missing something in my life?", questioned myself after witnessing a soothing sight to my eyes.

The hostel is closer to the park. I had to collect some physics assignments. I was in a hurry as boys weren't allowed inside hostel premises post evening . I was expecting my friend Malobika to be outside of the hostel gate. I was fearing that it would rain as sun was slowly vanishing from the sky. The dark clouds, whispers of the cold breeze from the hills, chattering of flower petals and the leaves are like a potion to relieve the stress. 

I reached hostel. Malobika wasn't there. Being a student back then, I had no mobile phone with me. All I had to do was park my bicycle nearby and wait out side of the hostel gate. There was a bench where visitors were supposed to sit while waiting. I was in a hurry -- expecting my friend Malobika to come little soon. I don't understand why girls take longer time to come out of their rooms, it's probably they put on colors on their eyes, lips and -- I believe they completely paint themselves. Thanks to God for being a guy, I still  have a hope to be punctual. I relaxed my back, plugged my ear phones to mp3 player, played an old 'Kumar Sanu' track and closed my eyes for a while. 

'Tum ho.. Tum ho.. tum hi ho.. Sanam Mere Humraaz....' -- One of my all time favourites.

I opened my eyes keeping my head on the back support of the bench. My eyes which keep itching and burning all the time, may be because of looking into the books most of the time, started to feel all healed up after  seeing the dark clouds moving together as though they were going on a weekend trip and flock of cranes flying around teasing them as migratory birds playing hide and seek in the  dark clouds. There was a huge Gulmohar tree across the road as red as the dusk . It appeared like all the color from sunset in the sky was stolen by it. Suddenly, came a strong wind carrying the dust, I  closed my eyes and turned my  head to protect from the whirlwind.  I opened my eyes to the rumble of  a thunder and that was the first time I saw her.

The wild breeze brought  a shower along with it. It started to rain all of a sudden and I didn’t want to leave the chance of getting wet in Rain. As a kid I always used to get wet in rain ending up getting scolded by my mother. For that moment, everything got faded and all I could see was a girl, wearing a blue long skirt and a white full-sleeve top, running towards the Gulmohar tree to save herself from the rain. It's for the first time I saw a girl who was more beautiful than the rains.

I couldn’t take my  eyes off her. Her face reflected the charming  glow of her kind and beautiful heart, justifying the quote said by Kahlil Gibran – a Lebanese American writer, poet and a visual artist' "Beauty is not in the  face, Beauty is a light in the heart." Her face was shining like brightest of the moons expelling all her inner beauty through her face. She was covering her head with her palm  -- looking here and there -- alone. I forgot the fact that I was getting drenched in the rain. No matter how hard I would have tried that day, I would have failed to take my eyes off her. She is trying to save herself from getting wet while I was soaked in rain and  yet I was thirsty inside. She was like a clear blue sky with white clouds. She was bright and contrast to every happening of nature --  at the moment. I forgot that I was waiting for a friend and as it had already started raining, she wouldn't be taking a risk to come. I was only yards away from her. She would have noticed me and must have thought that a funny guy was getting wet. I had no idea how stupid it was for her, watching a guy getting wet who is observing her constantly. She had such a beautiful smile and the supernumerary tooth on her right upper canine was making me admire and travel to a fairy land rowing in her dimples. Her eyes were so mesmerizing that  I could completely lose myself in her eyes. After seeing her I couldn’t recall the whole me, my life or anything about me. Wind was playing a hide and seek with her hair and constantly trying to hide her face. I must say, whirlwind had noticed that if I would stare her for more, I would have probably lost my conscience. Her messy dark hair was creating an illusion of alluring midnight, for a moment I felt like I’m seeing a beautiful night sky with her face as bright as moon with blinking stars like eyes.

And then, out of no where, came a  blue butterfly flapping its beautiful wings on to her. He must have fell in love with her at first sight -- just like I did. Even the butterfly might have mistaken by her to a flower. She must be carrying an enchanting fragrance in her hair, eyes, lips and smile. The butterfly was beautiful with its blue wings and a black design like embroidery with bright white circles on the edges of its wings. It appeared like it's carrying diamonds on its wings. Probably God might have recently painted another elegance and would have sent to compete with her. The nature was smiling, leaves quivered knowing that she won over the blue butterfly. It was raining continuously and there was no sign of the clouds getting cleared while the most beautiful story of my life was about to start. She noticed the wingy creature and smiled at once. The butterfly sat on her cheek. It was unbelievable to my eyes. I have seen girls running after dragonflies and butterflies to catch them but for the first time I saw a girl, standing still and a butterfly was kissing her cheek softly. Gulmohar flowers and leaves were stopping raindrops from making her wet. The rain was heavy outside while she was under a soft drizzle. It appeared like she was wearing a tiara as the butterfly spread its wings, when it flew and sat on her messed up hair. She was giggling. I could clearly hear her smile even though rain was roaring. She appeared like a butterfly fairy who came to earth in her streak to compete and slay the  beauty of the nature with her charm and ravishing glory.

I kept watching her till the rain stopped for a while -- till she went away. She left soon after the sky stopped pouring, leaving me and the butterfly alone. I couldn't gather my gut to go close to her. All that time I was getting soaked under the heavy rain, even though I had options to shade myself. I was feeling like a stupid. For hours I was there alone, as the twilight had gone giving way to the moon to rise. The blue butterfly was fluttering it's tiny wings and was flying from here and there - giving company to a lonesome like me, who was in love with a blue fairy. The luminance of her smile has made the lightning in the sky to fade.  The butterfly fairy got vanished leaving a sparkle in my mind like a pixie dust. I started sneezing as I got drenched in the rain for hours , smiling at myself I got up from the bench and started walking towards my bicycle. As it was dark, I was sure that my friend wouldn't appear and I started towards my home.

The very next day I asked my friends who were staying in girl's hostel about her. I called her 'The Butterfly Fairy' and everyone started laughing at me. They said there was no such girl in their hostel and that evening no-one came back from outside. But I saw her. I couldn't prove to them that it was not a dream or figment of my own imaginations. I went to the hostel gate frequently in a hope to see her again but neither she nor the blue butterfly appeared again. I couldn’t forget the beautiful smile on her face as I’m still captivated by her alluring beauty. That year, I graduated and left the city. Even the last day too I went to the hostel gate in a hope to see her but failed. Yet, it was never a sadness. The only wish I could do was to go back in time and walk towards her in that evening. For me, she was a fairy who came from nowhere and went back. 

I still see her in my dreams. Sometimes I get up from that bench and walk towards her, holding a Gulmohar flower. She smiles at me. I see the butterfly touching her cheeks and then sitting on my lips... and morning alarm wakes me up!"


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9 thoughts on “A Fairy and The Blue Butterfly”

  1. I do like the manner in which you have framed this specific matter and it really does present me some fodder for thought. However, from what precisely I have observed, I basically wish when other remarks pack on that people remain on point and in no way start on a soap box of the news of the day. Yet, thank you for this fantastic piece and although I can not concur with this in totality, I respect the perspective.

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  2. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

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