A Letter For A Fairy

My Loveliest, Prettiest, dearest Fairy

You're here! You finally made it. Few pounds weight, tiny little fingers, beautiful eyes and an innocent soul. Welcome to our crazy, dysfunctional and loving world. Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but we're a bunch of weirdos. But hey, you would never be bored. Even though grown up people are difficult to understand at times, yet for you, they would be always kind and soft. You have world's best mother who waited all her life for that one special moment when she held you in her arms for the first time. You are so lucky that you got a daddy whose life time achievement is only your presence in his life. You have such a beautiful family who would raise you as a princess.

I'm your aunt. I am not related to your family anyway but the day I met your mother, I saw an innocence and I waited for the day you would arrive. Trust me, she was carrying your presence in her twinkling eyes, even before you born. We may never meet, but consider me as someone who would add your name in her prayer forever. I would imagine sometimes that I play with you when you're bored and cheer you up when you are sad and that would keep me close to even though we wouldn't meet. But my dear, always remember,  your mum and dad would love you more than anything in the world, and protect you. They would choose you over anything and I want you to do the same.

I am sure even before you born, your parents, grand parents and a whole sweet family would have chosen best name for you out of 1000 names. Some would call you by affectionate names. If we ever meet, I would call you 'SANA'. The first part from your father's name and the second part from your mother's. I remember, your mum always wanted your eyebrows should be like your father. Someday you would cherish the looks you get from them. You would look as beautiful as your mum and you would rock the world as your dad.

You're only a few days old right now. You have no idea what is in store for you. A life of love, laughter, and happiness is what your future holds my loveliest Sana. Your mum would teach you to grow exactly like her and your dad would get the world down to your feet. Sometimes, when you grow, you would find that they're overbearing and little more protective, but always remember, it's because you are the most precious thing to them. Try not to be so hard on them when you are older. There is one real fairy who would always be there with you, is your mum. And a over protective angel, Yeah! That's your dad.

Your grand parents are the wisest part of your life. They made your parents whatever they are now and they would always guide you towards a bright life. Right now, your granny must be imagining the grown up self of yours. She must have planned a nicest set up at her house so if you ever want to give mom and dad a break, granny would be more than happy to steal you. She is going to spoil the crap out of you, use it to your advantage. Also, grandpa would do things before you ask for. Only a few days old and you've already got the family wrapped around your tiny fingers. Go you!

Your uncles are pretty cool. Almost all of them love sports, fun and a happening life. So you'll have guys to play with when you're older. You guys can ride bikes, play catch, play with cars, and whatever you want to do. Watch out for your dad's friends though.

When you're older, sometimes you would find yourself low at times. Some of your owns might break your heart. You would think that you're unloved or less prioritised. Even I feel that at times. But my dear! It's absolutely fine if heart is broken. Don't get disheartened. Someday you would find that one person who would never let you go no matter what. Wait with kindness and patience. Don't hurt yourself with gossips, comments, judgments or blames. Always remember you are the purest soul. Keep your heart saved and locked for the best day when you would meet someone like your father. Always idealise him and follow him. Nothing can make you look more graceful than your mother's embrace. She is your stylist, hair dresser, your makeup artist, dietician, best friend and soulmate.

You can't choose your family, but your family is blessed, rejoiced and the happiest that you've joined them.

Last but not the least, if someday we see each other as we stay in the same city, the first thing I would ever do is the tightest hug to the most beautiful princess on earth. If you would want to go on adventures, well! a stranger aunt is there for you.

You are forever loved no matter what you do. You are forever blessed. The only prayer on the day you born: 'My Dear God! Thank You For Sending Your Angel To Earth. Bless Her.'

                                                                                                                            Your's Aunt Maya


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