One Musical God and The Lost Chords

Their fondness was sempiternal. Not for the reason that they were deities or awe-inspiring humans. There was a spellbinding manifestation of deep affection between an impassioned perishable human and one incarnated divine being. Holy writs of Hindus describe them as saintly companions. They give utterance to the devotedness, complete submission of a bodily existence to a holy atman made their love yonder ephemerality. But did nobleman Krishna and beloved Radha lived blithely?  As little as, Keshava Krishna, Vrindabanvasi  Radha and Dvapar era sussed the answers which dwindled with the slip of time. Verses of poetries and  the good books  bewilder the long gone love in diverse portrayals. As likely as not, it was afar and higher than the comprehension of humankind. More than their fervent fondness, mayhap their veracious bond of harmony made the anecdote fabled. Tales about seeking the company of each other, for the whole of their lives would have garnered attentions. All perishable incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi together, their love remained incomplete; as Yuga-Purusha Rama and Vaidehi-Sita,  Dwarakadheesh and Krishna-Samyuta Radha. By the hair's breadth, two things were beloved to Krishna more than anything. And those two parts were profoundly connected to each other - his flute and his Radha.

It was the fervid tootle of the flute that enticed her towards him. Radha was the reason that Krishna had his flute to his name.  Krishna would hold the flute a skip to his lips and it would make manifest his immense enchantment towards her. She would have lost herself in the tune and danced. Even though, Krishna and Radha remained away from each other all their lives, sometimes due to the social discriminations and sometimes it was the age.  His flute held them together through out the time. It was his flute that let out the melancholic tunes that enchanted everyone around. All his adolescence, he would be depicted with a flute, that would symbolise his love for Radha, who he could never marry. Probably there was never a need of marriage as love itself was complete and a divine love doesn't need another definition like marriage for their relation. Even though he was married to 8 chief consorts and 16,000 Gopis, he remained forever soulfully attached and bonded with the only lady of his life.

When Krishna took the decision to move out of Vrindavan and head back to Mathura, his beloved Radha got married to a common cowboy of Yadava clan. Krishna probably would have known that he wouldn't be reunited with his cicisbeo Radha, Krishna held dearly onto his flute forever, which was divinely symbolical. While Radha was fulfilling her moral responsibilities as a wife, Krishna fulfilled the purpose of his mortal incarnation.

Years passed by and physically she grew old and finally after completing all her duties, she ventured off to meet his beloved Krishna for one last meeting. All her life, she was spiritually connected to Krishna through his flute. Krishna never kept his flute away from him for a moment. When she reached Dwarka, Radha already knew about Krishna's marriage to Rukmini and Satyabhama, but she wasn't disheartened. Krishna was already aware of her arrival, so he welcomed her and with his wishful permission, Radha decided to stay in palace as a maid. Even though she was under the same roof with her love Lord Krishna, Radha could never felt the spiritual connection with him. She was far from him and remained connected through soul but during the stay with him, she felt the rusty feelings of human and forgot the godly affections and that disheartened her.

Eventually she decided to move out of the palace and decided to go far away from Krishna, hoping that they would re-connect soulfully as before. An unaware Radha was followed by Lord Krishna into the dense forest. The eyes met again and the soul of Radha weeped out all her pain. After a reunion, they parted ways again and Radha started living alone, lost herself in thoughts and memories of Krishna's faithful love during his childhood. Her senses felt Krishna's presence around her every moment. With time, her love for Krishna grew stronger but she became weak mortally and it was then when Krishna arrived to be with her in her last moments. They reminisced their bond of never dying , a friendship that lasted beyond anything and love that was above physical and logical explanations. Reliving each memory together, her incomplete life turned to be completed. While holding her in his arms, when he asked for her last wish, Radha expressed her desire to listen to the same melancholic tune with which he once enchanted her. Such was the power of his divine flute that not even Gods disturbed them, neither the society, people or the pains. Once again, Krishna caressed her grey hair, held her tired feet in his palm and kissed them out of love. Taking out his flute, he started playing the chords once again, that was lost long ago, along with Radha.

For days and night, Krishna continued to play the flute. The trees, leaves, the moon and the stars were lost with that tune. He didn't stop until the moment when Radha divinely merged into Krishna. There was no more presence of Radha. Her soul, her mortal body, her breath and a whole of her evanesced and merged into his existence. Even though he knew that their love was eternal, Krishna couldn't bear Radha's death or disappearance. Even though he knew Radha was inside his soul, body and heart but still he started searching for her presence around him. His flute which marked their symbolical love stopped creating the tune. As if the tune and chord itself disappeared along with Radha. Krishna decided to remember the end of the story of his only true love. For one last time he touched the flute with his fingers and washed it with drops of tears. He broke the flute and left it over there. Rest of his life, till his death, Krishna never played flute or any other instrument.

Myth says, Radha disappeared soon after Krishna left and later she got married to him as Rukmini. Some ancient poetries portray Radha as a figment of Krishna's imagination. Few studies claim, there was the existence of Radha but later there were no contact took place between Krishna and Radha. There is no strong evidence of her existence, her death or her disappearance but the love she left behind became immortal. No matter what the truth was, we see Lord Krishna with his beloved Radha till the eternity. Love is itself complete. It doesn't need any definition or social acceptances. Stories would be forgotten. The facts of love between a King-God and a Cowgirl would be manipulated with the fade of time but as long as the existence of the name of Lord Krishna is there, Radha would remain as a part of Krishna's soul and the lost chords of his flute.


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  1. epitomizing true love vis a vis the cult of radha krishna ,. The grip on subject is amazing . Never before had delved into mythological details of Radha Krishna. What is more impressive is the versatility of the writer. Big fan of yours blogs by now. True class
    all best wishes in your inexorable journey towards excellence

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